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Putting Justice to Work

Fact sheets and resources

Information about Title IX and other laws that provide for equal access to sports facilities and programs.

Title IX Participation Gap Calculator

Find out how many girls there should be in your school’s athletic program (e.g., elementary, middle or high school) -- to ensure the share of female students enrolled matches the share of female students participating in athletics.

Do-It-Yourself guides

If the following documents are not accessible to you, or if you have further questions, please call our Fair Play Helpline (listed above).

Our Partners

We are grateful for the enthusiastic encouragement we receive from our advisers, collaborators, and supporters.
  • logo of Fair Play
    Fair Play Advisers and Collaborators
    Our advisory council includes coaches, lawyers, and others who are leading the fight nationwide for equity for girls in sports.
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  • logo of AAUW California
    American Association of University Women California
    AAUW California is the state's most active and diverse organization for women with nearly 13,000 members in 140 branches, plus over 5,000 members-at-large.
    Learn More
  • logo for coaching corps
    Coaching Corps
    Coaching Corps works to ensure that all kids, regardless of circumstance, get to reap the benefits of playing sports with a trained, caring coach.
    Learn More
  • logo for Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative
    Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative
    BAWSI harnesses the power of female athletes to impact society and give them an opportunity to connect through authentic, intentional service.
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  • logo for California Women's Law Center
    California Women's Law Center Just Play Now
    Just Play Now works to stop gender discrimination in high school sports, providing information and tools to students, parents, and coaches.
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  • logo for US Department of Education
    Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education
    OCR's mission is to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence through vigorous enforcement of civil rights in our nation’s schools.
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Highlights of Our Work

We have helped girls, their families, coaches, and communities bring about gender equity in school and community sports programs. Here are some of our accomplishments.
  • Northern California high school settles equal opportunity lawsuit
    KQED California Report | November 20, 2017
    Learn More
  • Female high school athletes reach final settlement with Oregon school district
    Female high school athletes reach final settlement with Oregon school district

    Lake Oswego School District near Portland, Oregon, has finalized an agreement with Legal Aid at...

    Learn More
  • Many Calif. schools don’t report on gender equity in sports as required: Report
    Many Calif. schools don’t report on gender equity in sports as required: Report

    Less than half of surveyed California high schools are reporting as required on girls’...

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  • Appeals court upholds Title IX ruling against Sweetwater
    San Diego Union-Tribune | September 22, 2014
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