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The Workers’ Rights Clinic

The Workers’ Rights Clinic provides low-income and unemployed people with free, confidential information about their legal rights related to work in California.

We provide services in Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and many other languages. Call the numbers below to schedule an appointment near you.


State of California Map
Antioch (925) 522-2017
Berkeley/Oakland (415) 404-9093
East Palo Alto (415) 404-9093
Fresno (559) 570-1200
Los Angeles (323) 752-7287
Ontario (559) 570-1200
Sacramento (916) 905-5857
San Bernardino (909) 889-7328
San Diego (619) 260-7470
San Francisco (415) 404-9093
Santa Ana (714) 571-5200
Watsonville (831) 722-2845

For workers in other parts of California, call (415) 404-9093‬ to schedule a clinic appointment.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Workers’ Rights Clinic near you may be offering legal consultations over the phone only. We will confirm the location of your appointment during scheduling.

Income Eligibility for the Workers’ Rights Clinic:

The Workers’ Rights Clinic is free, but we only serve people whose income is lower than the amounts below:

Household Size Annual Income Monthly Income Hourly Wage
1 $50,400 $4,200 $24.23
2 $57,600 $4,800 $27.69
3 $64,800 $5,400 $31.15
4 $71,950 $5,995 $34.59
5 $77,750 $6,479 $37.38
6 $83,500 $6,958 $40.14
7 $89,250 $7,438 $42.91
8 $95,000 $7,917 $45.67

For people who are currently unemployed, eligibility is determined based on the salary at your most recent job and how long you have been unemployed.

Before You Call to Schedule a Clinic Appointment

Before you call, please:


All of our Workers’ Rights Clinic locations offer the same consultation services.

If you schedule an appointment at one location, do not schedule another until after you received an initial consultation.

What to expect at the Workers' Rights Clinic

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Page Summary

This page describes the services that Legal Aid at Work offers through clinics that meet several times each week across California. There are clinics in eight cities that can help you address all kinds of workers' rights issues. There are clinics that will help you file or appeal a claim with the state Labor Commissioner's office in San Francisco and Oakland. And a clinic in Berkeley can help you assert the workplace rights of people with disabilities. The map shows the phone number to call for appointments at each location or to speak to a counselor on the phone. Details about each clinic are listed next. Finally, there is a table showing the maximum income of clients the clinic can accept, and then there's a video about what to expect during a clinic appointment.
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