Even if you’re undocumented, you still have rights!

No one’s rights under federal or California law changed as a result of the election. Even if you are undocumented and have no papers, you still have the rights listed below. For help in protecting your legal rights, please contact Legal Aid at Work at 415-864-8848. We offer free legal services in English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin, and we can arrange services in additional languages.

    The right not to be harassed or subjected to violence because of your national origin, religion, race, or citizenship, or because you are an immigrant — at your job or anywhere else. These may be hate crimes.

    The right to be paid your full wages for the work you perform.

    The right to be treated lawfully and not exploited because you are an immigrant.

    The right to complain to your employer about your working conditions

    The right to file a legal complaint about unlawful working conditions.

    The right to take action with your fellow workers to improve your working conditions.

    The right not to be reported to immigration authorities because you complained about your working conditions.


This Fact Sheet is intended to provide accurate, general information regarding legal rights relating to employment in California. Yet because laws and legal procedures are subject to frequent change and differing interpretations, the Legal Aid Society–Employment Law Center cannot ensure the information in this Fact Sheet is current nor be responsible for any use to which it is put. Do not rely on this information without consulting an attorney or the appropriate agency about your rights in your particular situation.