Unemployment Insurance and Other Benefits To Know About

This guide has been developed to help those seeking Unemployment Insurance benefits and other wage replacement benefits available in California.  The rules in this area are changing rapidly, and we always encourage you to check the Employment Development Department’s website for the most up-to-date information about these benefit programs.

We encourage you to start at these pages of the Employment Development Department’s website: COVID-19, COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Frequently Asked Questions, Contact EDD.

    I’m trying to figure out what benefits I’m qualified for.

    I’m in the process of applying for Unemployment Insurance.

    I have some additional questions about applying.

    I submitted my application, but still have some questions.

    I started receiving unemployment insurance, but have questions about what I still need to do now.


This Fact Sheet is intended to provide accurate, general information regarding legal rights relating to employment in California. Yet because laws and legal procedures are subject to frequent change and differing interpretations, Legal Aid at Work cannot ensure the information in this Fact Sheet is current nor be responsible for any use to which it is put. Do not rely on this information without consulting an attorney or the appropriate agency about your rights in your particular situation.