Legal Aid at Work’s litigation tradition combines attentive individual and class representation with precedent-setting impact cases.

Some recent standout achievements

    519 asbestos remediation workers win pay, damages

    With co-counsel, we reached a $1.5 million class action settlement with P.W. Stephens, resolving allegations that the company failed to pay workers minimum and overtime wages, regular wages, and reporting-time pay. Some workers will receive as much as $17,000 each. (December 2016)

    San Francisco taxi drivers considered employees

    Affirming our 1997 win in Tracy et al. v. Yellow Cab et al., with co-counsel, at summary judgment, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Harold Kahn in December 2016 denied Luxor Taxicab’s motion to vacate the judgment, which deemed taxi drivers in the city employees for the purposes of workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance. He also granted our granted our motion filed with assistance from Aaron Kaufmann to enforce the judgment. (December 2016)

    Federal judge finds state agency discriminated illegally in asking about past use of invalid Social Security Number

    In a case involving a man now a citizen, Guerrero v. CDCR, a U.S. District Court Judge found that California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation discriminated illegally in asking a job applicant about his prior use of a fake Social Security number. (2015)

    Ninth Circuit applies Title IX of Civil Rights Act to girls' sports in K-12 schools

    With co-counsel, we won a unanimous Ninth Circuit ruling in Ollier v. Sweetwater applying Title IX of the Civil Rights Act to sports programs in K-12 schools. Attorneys fees generated by the case are helping to support our continuing work, including negotiating with districts across California to make their sports programs and facilities more equitable. We will monitor Sweetwater until 2024. (2104)

    A $1.2 billion-plus win for disability access to Los Angeles sidewalks

    With co-counsel we reached a settlement worth $1.2 billion in the short term, plus another $1.4 billion over the next 30 years, with the City of Los Angeles to install and repair sidewalks accessible to people with physical disabilities.

    Thousands of home health aides receive compensation for overnight shifts

    With co-counsel, we reached a $2.465 million settlement with Kindred Healthcare on behalf of 2,700 employees resolving claims that the company and its affiliates didn’t pay personal care attendants required minimum and straight time wages and overtime premiums or give them meal and rest breaks when required or issue legally compliant paystubs.

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