Know Your Rights: Immigrant Workers

All workers have rights to fair pay and a safe workplace free of harassment. Even if you are undocumented, your employer cannot deny you pay that you have earned or harass you or retaliate against you for asserting your rights. The following video explains these rights, especially as they apply to immigrants, and it discusses how to exercise your workplace rights.

The English and Spanish versions of the video both have subtitles in those languages. The Chinese version is spoken in English with subtitles in Chinese (click translation button at top of page). The Tagalog and Vietnamese versions have subtitles in those languages but are spoken in English.

Fliers to go with the videos are available in five languages

A two-page handout summarizing workers' rights (especially as they apply to immigrants) is available in all five languages. Like the videos, these handouts address the full range of workers' rights, from hiring to termination, including rights to breaks and overtime and to work in an environment without harassment or other mistreatment.