Appeal a Notice of Determination or Notice of Overpayment: How To Protect Your Unemployment Insurance Benefits

If you receive a Notice of Determination or Notice of Overpayment, the California Employment Development Department has decided you are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits, or that you need to return benefits you were paid. You have the right to appeal the EDD’s decision, and can take immediate steps to start that process.

Start the Appeals Process

You can appeal the decision by sending in the Appeal Form.

Did you miss the 30-day deadline? You can still appeal the decision.

Did you lose the Appeal Form?

What happens next? You will have a hearing with a judge from an independent agency called the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (also called the CUIAB).

How can you prepare for the hearing?

Why Should You Appeal a Notice of Determination or Notice of Overpayment?

Having Trouble Understanding the Forms? Here’s A Cheat Sheet

Some of the documents you will be sent are confusing – here’s a cheat sheet that explains the purpose of each document: 

Notice of Determination

Notice of Overpayment

Acknowledgment of Appeal

Notice of Hearing

Record of Claim Status Interview