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Our Focus

We empower workers who are parents, pregnant, family caregivers, or caring for their own health to access time off from work, paid leave, and other workplace accommodations to care for themselves and their families without risking their jobs and income. We offer free, confidential advice through our Work & Family helpline and represent individuals in low-income jobs and industries. We also advocate for systems and policy change to advance the rights of working families by partnering with families, healthcare and social service providers, and government agencies. Our work is rooted in our strong belief that no worker should have to choose between their job and income and the health and well-being of their family.

  • We run a free Work and Family Helpline and we hear from over 1,000 workers every year who have questions about (or experience violations of) paid leave and related rights that could help them keep their jobs and income while caring for their own health or the health of their loved ones. On our helpline, we hear from families every day who lack protection under existing laws or who are protected but face systemic barriers to accessing their rights.
  • We represent people from historically marginalized communities and people who work in lower-paid jobs and industries. 
  • In partnership with families, health and social service providers, and government agencies, we also advocate for changes in the policies and systems impacting the lives of working families who face barriers to accessing leave, accommodations, and pay. All of our systems change efforts are directly grounded in the lived experience of the workers we hear from every day.
  • We also engage in innovative community outreach and education efforts to increase awareness and access to family supportive workplace rights.

Highlights of Our Work

Nancy Pelosi and Legal Aid at Work Attorneys Julia Parish and Sharon Terman in formal attire at the white house

Celebrating 30 Years of the Family and Medical Leave Act

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Photo of Governor Newsom signing SB 1383 during Zoom ceremony

Governor Newsom Signs New Law That Will Increase Paid Family Leave Benefits

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Image of a mother and two children lying on the floor smiling at each other.

San Francisco is now the First City in the Nation to Grant Working Families the Right to Workplace Accommodations to Help with Family Caregiving and Childcare

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You may also order printed copies of certain guides and fact sheets, including our Pregnancy + My Job Roadmap and Guide.


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