Name Legal Aid at Work to receive cy pres funds

We hope you will join the many lawyers and firms across California that help support our work by designating us as recipients of cy pres funds resulting from class actions. Our advocacy for low-wage and unemployed workers and their families reflects elements of many lawyers’ practices.


Legal Aid at Work’s long history of winning ground-breaking law reform cases and filing amicus briefs on important issues in employment law have been very helpful to members of the employment bar and their clients.

    We meet both state and federal requirements

    Legal Aid at Work is an appropriate recipient for cy pres funds under both state and federal law.

    • By state statute, a nonprofit legal organization can receive cy pres allocations, regardless of a nexus. That means Legal Aid at Work qualifies for funds arising out of state consumer, antitrust, privacy, and securities class actions brought in California courts.
    • Under federal case law, in a wide range of cases touching on employment law, we meet the requirement that cy pres recipients have a nexus with the case at hand. For example, our Wage Protection Program represents low-income people seeking to recoup unpaid and underpaid wages, work that is similar to any class actions on your firm’s wage-and-hour docket. And our programs that address issues confronting working families, people of color, immigrants, ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities could align with allegations by class members you represent.

    Background and sample documents

    Please call or email us for information about designating cy pres funds in California, or for a sample declaration that you can modify to file in your case.

    Get in touch about cy pres

    For more information on designating Legal Aid at Work to receive cy pres funds, please contact both our president, Joan M. Graff, and development associate Greg Medley at and Or call 415-864-8848. Thank you!