2023 Annual Fund

A job.
A livelihood.
A workplace that is safe, fair, and respectful.
Most of us depend upon it.
Our clients cannot.


Low-wage workers are essential to our economic engine, and they and their families have shattered lives as work disappeared, wages evaporated and risks to health were magnified during this pandemic.  Many low-wage workers seek meager unemployment benefits and many others are not eligible because they are undocumented. Countless numbers fall into the underground economy in search of whatever they can earn and become victims of wage theft, sex harassment and assault, and COVID-19.

When the pandemic hit we became a primary resource for low-wage workers statewide, providing critical legal aid on the issues it created and exacerbated.

Our clients depend on us and we, on you to make our services available, accessible and responsive. Please give generously and join us in protecting the workers who, while in harm’s way, are providing vital services to communities throughout California.


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