LAS-ELC attorney Jinny Kim joins State Bar’s exec. committee on labor, employment law

Jinny Kim, director of the Disability Rights program at the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center, has been appointed to the executive committee of the State Bar of California’s section on labor and employment law.

Members of the executive committee organize and lead the section’s publications and programs, which include the California Labor and Employment Law Review, a radio program broadcast on KALW called “Your Legal Rights” in which attorneys provide to answers to callers’ questions, and the California Sector Employment Law resource, among others.

Jinny looks forward to planning panels for the section’s large annual conference, writing articles for the law review, organizing webinars, and increasing her involvement in community service.

“It’s a very active committee,” she says. “I really enjoy the annual conference; I’m looking forward to contributing to that particularly, as I’ll be organizing a panel on disability rights.”

Jinny is especially eager to contribute her expertise in disability rights to the committee’s work because her specialty is still rapidly developing as new cases continue to appear and new precedents are set.

“The changes I see going forward are going to be in case law, because the area is still so new in comparison to other kinds of law,” said Jinny. “Every day there are new cases to stay on top of and new legislative action to track.”

She also looks forward to helping members of the section further their own knowledge of labor and employment law issues.

“It’s a very active community,” Jinny said. “Everyone seems great, and I’m excited to work with the members as things move forward.”


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