Workers’ Rights Clinic Manual

Workers’ Rights Clinic Manual

The Legal Aid at Work (“LAAW”) Employment Law Manual (“the Manual”) is a general reference tool for training law students and assisting volunteers who provide direct services at the LAAW Workers’ Rights Clinic (“WRC”). WRC provides free, confidential legal advice to low-income individuals about their employment law rights.

If you already have access to the Manual, you can access the Manual by clicking HERE. To apply for access, please complete the form below.

You will need a GMAIL account or an email account linked to Google to access the online manual.

(To link a non-Gmail account, please follow steps HERE.)

NOTE: Due to administrative capacity, we will no longer be giving Manuals to individuals (attorneys and non-attorneys) who are not current and active volunteers of the WRC working in collaboration and under supervision of LAAW’s WRC staff. If you would like to volunteer, please email LAAWManual@legalaidatwork to determine your eligibility.

To apply for access, please complete the form below: