Project Attorney Charlotte Noss Appointed to San Francisco Wage Theft Task Force

LAS-ELC Project Attorney Charlotte Noss has been appointed to serve on this first-ever San Francisco Wage Theft Task Force.   This new policy making body was formed by the Board of Supervisors to efficiently organize city resources in the fight against wage theft. 

Wage Theft occurs when employers fail to pay workers the wages they are due.  These violations of wage and hour laws are rampant across the country, even in San Francisco.  This city has the highest minimum wage in the country and its own labor enforcement agency, yet workers in San Francisco still experience wage theft in extremely high numbers.

The Task Force is the next step in a very successful Campaign to End Wage Theft in San Francisco.  The Campaign, organized by the SF Progressive Workers Alliance (PWA), achieved the unanimous passage of the Wage Theft Ordinance in 2011 to enhance the city’s Office of Labor Standards Enforcement (OLSE) efforts to combat wage theft.

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