Paydays/Late Pay/Bounced Paychecks

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1. How often am I supposed to be paid?

2. Does my employer have to let me know when the paydays are?

3. Does my employer have to stick to the posted paydays, or is there a “grace period” for late pay?

4. What if we disagree about the amount of wages I’m owed? Can my employer wait until we agree on the amount?

5. Can my employer pay me with a voucher?

6. Does my employer have to give me a check stub with my check?

7. If my paycheck bounces, do I have any rights?

8. How do I report my employer for late or bounced paychecks?

9. What if I am not paid on time or my check bounces after I quit or have been fired?

10. Can my employer make me sign a release before I am paid?

11. I work for the government. Am I still covered?

12. What should I do if I am not paid on time?