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New CA Employment Laws Increase Protections for Workers

2015 is a big year for California workers, with over 30 new employment-related laws going into effect. Many of those laws will have a positive impact on the low-wage workers we serve, providing – among other things – paid sick leave, driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants and protections for unpaid interns and volunteers.

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Federal Judge in Gay and Lesbian State Employee Case Rules in Favor of Plaintiffs and Issues an Injunction

On Thursday, May 24, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California granted judgment in favor of gay and lesbian state workers who, together with their registered domestic partners, are excluded from equal access to California’s Long-Term Care Program. Judge Claudia Wilken issued the ruling in Dragovich v. CalPERS, a class action lawsuit … Continue reading “Federal Judge in Gay and Lesbian State Employee Case Rules in Favor of Plaintiffs and Issues an Injunction”

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Mayor Lee Signs Equal Pay Ordinance, Advancing Gender Equity in San Francisco

In a significant step forward for gender equity in San Francisco, on Friday Mayor Edwin Lee signed into law a local ordinance that requires companies that contract to do business with the city track and share data on pay equity.

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‘Safe Time’ legislation protects domestic violence victims’ safety and economic stability

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California Could Expand Parental Leave

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Low-wage workers in peril

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Breastfeeding accommodations close to passage in San Francisco

All 11 members of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors are supporting a proposal from Supervisor Katy Tang to require city agencies to develop policies to support their employees who are nursing moms.  Tang announced in a press release Tuesday that she expected the board to approve the ordinance. “We are so pleased that the City … Continue reading “Breastfeeding accommodations close to passage in San Francisco”

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We’re improving the working lives of parents

The Healthy Mothers Workplace Coalition, directed by LAS-ELC, has led employers to improve policies covering thousands of San Francisco workers and their families. We’ve done this by showing employers the benefits of strong policies for pregnancy and parental leave, breastfeeding accommodation, and work-life balance — and honoring those that support families with our annual awards of excellence. On … Continue reading “We’re improving the working lives of parents”

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44 years on, Title IX still expanding

Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, which guarantees equal opportunities for women and girls in all federally funded programs, was signed into law 44 years ago today. It is most often associated with the fight for gender equity in college athletics, but its impact has been felt across the spectrum from education access to employment. Title … Continue reading “44 years on, Title IX still expanding”

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