Unemployment Insurance: Ask EDD to Add Missing Wages from Your Claim

This video walks you through the steps to ask EDD to add wages from an employer that misclassified you as an independent contractor or did not report your wages to the state.*

Last updated: April 8, 2020

*More detailed instructions are available at https://bit.ly/LAAW-UI-2020-04-20. Read below for more information

In the text box, write a short explanation, along the lines of the following:

I was misclassified by [COMPANY] as an independent contractor, and my notice of award does not reflect the wages I earned while working for [COMPANY]. According to the 1099 [or 1099-K] I received from [COMPANY] from 2019, I earned $XX,XXX between January and March, earned $XX,XXX between April and June, earned $XX,XXX between July and September, and earned $XX,XXX between October and December. According to the 1099 [or 1099-K] I received from [COMPANY] from 2018, I earned $XX,XXX between October and December 2018. I earned $XX,XXX between January and March 2020.

Make sure to also send evidence of your wages to the EDD by mail. More detailed instructions at https://bit.ly/LAAW-UI-2020-04-20.