Covid-19 Update: Legal Information for Workers during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Many workers have questions about how the Coronavirus outbreak will affect their jobs and income.  For questions about how to get time off from work for reasons related to COVID-19 and income when you are not working (whether you are ill, caring for another, or have had your hours cut), tap the green button below for help.

Legal Aid at Work has also put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Coronavirus, which you can view at  We will update this factsheet as new information becomes available.

COVID-19 + My Job is a one-stop fact sheet covering all of workers’ COVID-19-related rights to leave and pay. It’s for workers who have tested positive, need to quarantine, are caring for sick family, or are caring for children whose normal care provider is not available.  For additional information on your rights related to leave and pay for COVID-19 or your rights to leave and pay to care for family ill with COVID-19, check out COVID-19 + My Job: A Practical Guide or COVID-19 Caregiving + My Job: A Practical Guide.  Quick Facts on 2021 COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave explains more about California’s new COVID-19 paid sick leave law.  Sample Request Letters for Covid-19 Sick Leave & Pay and all 4 fact sheets are available in English and Spanish.

Many of these rights and benefits are available regardless of your immigration status.  For information on how to access State Disability Insurance or Paid Family Leave while undocumented, view our Undocumented Workers’ Guide to Applying for California Disability Insurance & Paid Family Leave (one-page summary).

For a list of relief funds for undocumented workers affected by Covid-19, click HERE.

For a guide on Unemployment Insurance and other benefits to know about, click HERE.

For frequently asked questions about returning to work after the Coronavirus Shelter In Place Order is lifted , click HERE

Also, due to the Coronavirus situation, all Workers’ Rights Clinics will be operated “virtually,” meaning that clinical services will be provided by phone rather than in-person.  Please CLICK HERE to arrange to make an appointment for legal help through the Workers’ Rights Clinic.

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