College Park High School Students File Title IX Lawsuit Against School District

Tuesday, February 20, 2024 


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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Last week, three students at College Park High School filed a lawsuit against Mt. Diablo Unified School District, alleging gender discrimination against female athletes under Title IX. 

Title IX requires gender equity in education, including in athletics. Although Title IX has been the law for over 50 years, girls in high schools across the country are still regularly subjected to fewer opportunities to play sports. When they do play, girls receive inferior athletic equipment and facilities as compared to their male counterparts.

The plaintiffs in this action seek to represent a class of female athletes at College Park High School who have experienced discrimination based on their sex in school athletics. The girls allege widespread disparities in athletic equipment and facilities, as well as access to equal opportunities in high school sports. The stark contrast between the boys’ state-of-the-art baseball facilities and the girls’ inferior softball field is one example of these disparities.

Other allegations include inferior opportunities for girls to participate in school sports as compared to boys, inequities between the boys’ tackle football team and girls’ flag football teams, and field schedules that favor boys’ teams. 

Collectively, the California Women’s Law Center, Legal Aid at Work, Winston & Strawn LLP, and Kaufmann & Gropman LLP are representing the plaintiffs in this action. 

“With this lawsuit we hope to represent all female athletes at College Park to ‘defend the nest.’ Our female athletes have waited far too long to be treated fairly. My daughter and other plaintiffs should have equal opportunities and facilities to play sports as the boys,” said Tiffiny Barraco, parent of one of the three female athletes representing the hundreds of girls at College Park High School.

“Year after year, Mt. Diablo Unified School District has attempted to place Band-Aids on continued problems related to our College Park female athletes’ field conditions, locker rooms and bathrooms. There are obvious inconsistencies throughout the school, and the District has been silent on this issue for far too long,” said Daniel Rodriguez, parent of one of the three female athletes representing the hundreds of girls at College Park High School.

“While the district’s repeated failure to provide equitable sports opportunities is disappointing, the girls’ courageous decision to file this lawsuit will hopefully operate to enforce Title IX’s clear mandate and open up doors for female athletes in the district,” said Julianna Gesiotto, of the California Women’s Law Center. 

“Winston & Strawn is proud to partner with the California Women’s Law Center, Legal Aid at Work, and KG on the important work of fighting for gender equality at the high school level,” said Winston & Strawn Partner Diana Leiden. 

Elizabeth Kristen Director of Legal Aid at Work’s Fair Play for Girls in Sports project notes that “Girls who participate in high school sports earn higher wages later in life and experience a host of health and educational benefits. On the heels of this year’s National Girls and Women in Sports Day (February 7, 2024), it is especially important to fight for girls to have a level playing field in high school sports.”  

CLWC, LAAW, Winston & Strawn, and KG are proud to advocate for gender equality and for girls’ participation in sports.


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