How To Appeal an Administrative Law Judge’s Decision to the CUIAB Board

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You appealed a determination the EDD made against you. You attended a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge at the California Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board (“CUIAB”). But unfortunately, the judge decided against you.  

The judge’s decision does not have to be the end of the process. You have the right to appeal the decision to the board members of the CUIAB. The process is not difficult. You can start it today.

How to Start the Appeals Process

What arguments could convince the board members to reverse the decision?

Can I Review the Recording of the Hearing Before Preparing My Argument? 

Can I Submit Additional Evidence for the Board to Review?

Did you lose the Appeal Form?

Did you miss the 30-day deadline? You can still appeal the decision.

What happens after you have filed your appeal?

Why Should You Appeal

Template Documents to Help You Appeal