You Want to File a Writ of Mandate 

You had a decision made against you by the EDD that you disagreed with, and you appealed, taking your case before a judge, and then appealing to the Board at the CUIAB. Unfortunately, you weren’t successful in your appeals. At this stage of the process, you have “exhausted your administrative remedies,” which is a formal way of saying you can no longer appeal the decision within the state agency system.  

If you still disagree with the EDD’s decision against you and believe that you can still be successful in an appeal, your option now is to file a “Petition for Writ of Mandate” in the Superior Court in your county. The deadline to file the Petition is six months from the date that the Board decision was mailed to you.  

For more information about how to file a Petition, and how to find legal representation, look up your county bar association’s attorney referral service, or the California Employment Lawyers Association website. You can also find more legal resources at the Sacramento County Public Law Library website.