How to Reschedule a Hearing with the CUIAB

If you have been trying to go through the appeals process with the CUIAB, and you realize that your hearing already took place without you realizing it, you should immediately contact the CUIAB Office of Appeals that scheduled your hearing and tell them that you accidentally missed your hearing and need to reschedule. You can find the address and phone number of your case’s Office of Appeals at the bottom of your Notice of Hearing. You can also find a list of CUIAB location here

The person you speak with won’t be able to directly reschedule your hearing, but they can explain the process. Because you missed your hearing, you will receive a notice in the mail called a “Decision Dismissing Appeal for Nonappearance.” This notice will state that because you missed your hearing, the CUIAB will permanently dismiss your appeal, unless you appeal to the Board.  

This is the actual way to get your hearing rescheduled. You must fill out the appeal form that comes with this notice so your case can be reopened (you can also find this appeal form here). You should also include a short letter explaining why you missed the hearing in brief, simple terms. You must mail this form and letter within 20 days after the mailing date of the Decision Dismissing Appeal for Nonappearance. This is a strict deadline, and you must do your best to send it by then.  

After you send this form and letter, your appeal will be reopened and rescheduled for a new hearing. Like in the letter, you will have to explain that you had a good reason for missing your hearing, or that it was an accident out of your control in some way. Make sure the EDD has your correct address so that any mailings in the future reach you. Once you have received the new date for your hearing, you can contact our office for assistance and possible representation.