Exemptions from Overtime Pay

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Overtime laws and some other wage and workplace protections, like meal period and rest break laws, do not apply to certain types of employees. Those employees are known as “exempt,” and will not receive overtime pay, even if they work more than eight hours a day or more than forty hours a week. Employees who are exempt from (not covered by) overtime laws usually have a lot of responsibility within a company and have significant input into how that company is run. But employees are not exempt just because an employer says they are exempt or because the employer gives an employee a certain title (for example, “assistant manager”), or pays an employee by the week or month.

1. How much do I need to make to be considered an exempt employee?

2. Am I exempt as a professional employee?

3. Am I exempt as an administrative employee?

4. Am I exempt from overtime laws as a managerial or executive employee?

5. Am I entitled to overtime if I work for a family member?

6. I am in a union. Am I entitled to overtime?

7. I am a farm laborer. Am I entitled to overtime?

8. I am a domestic worker. Am I eligible for overtime?

9. I am a truck driver. Am I eligible for overtime?