Misclassification of Employees As Independent Contractors

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Many low-wage workers in California and across the country are treated and paid by their employers as independent contractors, but are in fact employees under the law.  When an employer treats somebody who is an employee under the law as an independent contractor, the employer is “misclassifying” them.

Why does misclassification matter?

Wait, don’t I need to be classified as an independent contractor to have flexible hours, work part-time, or freelance for multiple businesses?

How do I know if I’ve been classified as an independent contractor?

How can I tell whether I should be classified as an employee or an independent contractor?

What can I do if I’ve been misclassified?

What can I do if I need to access unemployment insurance benefits, paid family leave, or state disability insurance?

What can I do if I received a 1099, but I want to file my federal and state taxes as an employee?