Severance Agreement and Release of Claims

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1. What is a severance agreement?

2. Is my employer required to give me severance pay?

3. How much money is my employer supposed to include in my severance pay?

4. What can I do if my employer didn’t pay me my severance pay/benefits according to the severance pay agreement?

5. Can I still file for unemployment if my employer gave me severance pay?

6. What claims can be released in a waiver?

7. What claims can’t be released?

8. What other things can my employer include in a severance agreement?

9. Are there any limits on what my employer can include in a severance agreement?

10. What should I do if my employer asked me to sign a severance agreement with a release of claims?

11. How much time do I have to consider a severance agreement?

12. My employer deceived me into signing a claim of releases that I didn’t want to sign. What can I do?