Stacy Villalobos

Stacy Villalobos Director, Racial Economic Justice Program Stacy Villalobos (she/her/ella) is the Director of the Racial Economic Justice Program at Legal Aid at Work. She represents workers fighting race discrimination before federal and state courts as well as administrative agencies. Stacy has experience litigating a wide range of employment issues, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and… Continue reading Stacy Villalobos

George Warner

George Warner Director, Wage Protection Program George Warner (he/him) is the Director of the Wage Protection Program at Legal Aid At Work. He represents workers who have been subjected to labor trafficking and wage theft, and workers seeking to obtain wage replacement benefits, including Unemployment Insurance. George Warner joined Legal Aid at Work’s Wage Protection… Continue reading George Warner

Katherine Wutchiett

Katherine Wutchiett Senior Staff Attorney Katie (she/her) is a Staff Attorney in the Work and Family Program and for Project SURVIVE. She represents workers who are pregnant, new parents, caregiving for family, or survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault in enforcing their rights to paid leave, accommodations, and fair treatment at work, so that… Continue reading Katherine Wutchiett

Sharon Terman

Sharon Terman Director, Work and Family Program Sharon Terman (she/her) is Director of the Work and Family Program and Senior Staff Attorney. She provides legal advice to workers in low-wage jobs, represents employees facing family medical crises, advocates for policy change to promote family-friendly workplaces, and educates the community through trainings, know-your-rights materials, and technical… Continue reading Sharon Terman

Maria Tapia-Hernandez

Maria Tapia-Hernandez Senior Staff Attorney Maria Tapia-Hernandez is an attorney in the Community Legal Services Program, which provides free legal services to low-wage workers at over a dozen Workers’ Rights Clinics throughout California. The clinics provide workers who have been subjected to unlawful practices on the job with expert advice to improve their economic stability… Continue reading Maria Tapia-Hernandez

Sela Steiger

Sela Steiger Staff Attorney Sela (she/her) is a staff attorney in the Work and Family Program. She provides legal advice and representation to pregnant workers and new parents, workers struggling with family and medical crises, and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Sela also presents trainings on new parent and caregiving leave laws and… Continue reading Sela Steiger

Julia Parish

Julia Parish Senior Staff Attorney As a member of our Work and Family and SURVIVE programs, Julia (she/her/ella) assists with the project helplines and provides legal advice, know-your-rights workshops and direct legal services for workers struggling with family and medical crises. She also directs the Healthy Mothers Workplace Coalition, which includes numerous government and community… Continue reading Julia Parish

Kim Ouillette

Kim Ouillette Staff Attorney Kim Ouillette (she/her/ella) is a Staff Attorney in the Wage Protection Program at Legal Aid at Work. She represents workers experiencing wage theft, retaliation, and other violations of their workplace rights. She also supports legislative advocacy efforts and provides trainings and advice to worker centers and community-based organizations. Prior to joining… Continue reading Kim Ouillette

Lynnette Miner

Lynnette Miner Senior Staff Attorney Lynnette Miner (she/her/hers) joined Legal Aid at Work as a Senior Staff Attorney in the Gender Equity & LGBTQ Rights Program in January 2022. Before joining Legal Aid at Work, Lynnette was a Senior Staff Attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama, where she focused on class action… Continue reading Lynnette Miner