New Resources on Paid Family Leave for Family Caregivers

With support from AARP Foundation, Legal Aid at Work has created new videos and factsheets in multiple languages on workers’ right to take paid leave from work to care for ill family members. 

Many family caregivers, such as adult children of parents with dementia, are so overwhelmed by such a diagnosis that they may feel they have no other choice but to quit their jobs to provide needed support.  But California laws can help caregivers stay employed and earning an income while caring for their family members. Paid Family Leave (PFL) provides workers with 60-70% of their income for 8 weeks every year while tending to an ill loved one, and starting in 2025, these rates will increase to 90% for most workers. PFL improves families’ financial security and health and wellbeing, reducing food insecurity and nursing home admissions.

PFL is underutilized among family caregivers, and workers with low incomes, immigrants, and people of color are less likely to know about and claim PFL benefits than their higher income and white counterparts. Women, especially women of color, disproportionately shoulder the burdens of unpaid family caregiving, with lifelong consequences on their health and financial stability.

In partnership Family Caregiver Alliance, LAAW created the following new resources to educate family caregivers about Paid Family Leave. Thank you to AARP Foundation for their generous support!

Know-Your-Rights Videos:

Fact Sheets:

Webinars/Recorded Trainings:

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