Highlights of Our Recent Work

Below are just a few recent examples of how we have been “putting justice to work” for low-wage workers, their families, and communities.

    Continuing the Expansion of our Workers' Rights Clinics

    We launched our 12th Workers’ Rights Clinic site in Los Angeles in collaboration with the Los Angeles Black Worker Center and UCLA School of Law, with a special focus on providing legal services to workers fighting race discrimination. Each year our statewide network of clinics and helplines serves over 3,000 vulnerable low-wage workers throughout California.

    Protecting Undocumented Workers from Retaliation

    We and our co-counsel at CRLA obtained a $1,000,000 settlement for client—a dairy worker who had experienced egregious immigration-related retaliation—after making powerful new federal case law that protects countless undocumented workers from retaliation at the hands of third parties acting in their employer’s interest.

    Expanding Paid Family Leave Protections

    We are leading the charge for legislation (SB 135) that makes paid family leave accessible to all Californians—especially for low-wage workers. Currently, workers who qualify for paid family leave can still be fired when they take it.  Our legislation would end that perverse result, and in so doing, improve the health and economic security of millions of low-income Californians.

    Securing Disability Access in Public Transportation

    We continue to fight for equal transit access for persons with mobility disabilities in our class action against BART, along with co-counsel at Disability Rights Advocates. Our clients rely on BART’s transit services but are unable to access them because of filthy elevators soiled by human waste, non-working escalators, broken service gates, and other consistent failures in the system.

    Ensuring Equal Athletic Opportunities for Girls

    We filed a class action lawsuit against the state of Hawaii Department of Education for Title IX athletics violations at the largest school in the state with co-counsel from the ACLU of Hawaii and Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP. Because Hawaii has a unique statewide school district structure, this single case has the potential to result in systemic change throughout the entire state, if not the country.

    Securing Justice for Victims of Wage Theft

    We continue to aggressively pursue wage theft violations in sectors where it is particularly prevalent, including the construction, caregiving, janitorial, and restaurant industries. In 2018 alone, we secured over $2,500,000 in settlements and awards for low-wage workers experiencing wage theft—an especially significant amount for our clients, many of whom are living paycheck to paycheck, and sending a strong signal to would-be violators of the severe consequences of engaging in this illegal practice.