Highlights of Our Recent Work

Below are just a few recent examples of how we have been “putting justice to work” for our low-wage worker clients and their communities.

    Continuing the Expansion of our Workers' Rights Clinics

    We launched our 10th Workers’ Rights Clinic site in the chronically underserved community of San Bernardino, and laid the groundwork for opening our 11th location in South Central Los Angeles at the Black Workers’ Center in collaboration with UCLA School of Law. Each year our Workers’ Rights Clinic serves thousands of vulnerable low-wage workers throughout California.

    Protecting Undocumented Workers from Retaliation

    We won a landmark victory in Arias v. Raimondo, 860 F.3d 1185 (9th Cir. 2017), where the Court held that it would constitute unlawful retaliation under federal law for an attorney in an employment lawsuit to call the immigration authorities to have our client deported at his deposition. This precedent-setting decision protects countless undocumented workers from retaliation by third parties acting in an employer’s interest.

    Expanding Paid Family Leave Protections

    We improved family leave protections state-wide by working with a broad coalition in successfully sponsoring the New Parent Leave Act (SB 63). The Act expands access to job-protected parental leave by lowering the employee threshold for such leave from 50 to 20 employees. Now up to 2.7 million more new parents will have access to this important benefit—including many low-wage workers, who are much more likely to work for small employers.

    Securing Disability Access in Public Transportation

    We joined Disability Rights Advocates in filing a significant class action against BART on behalf persons with mobility disabilities. Our clients rely on BART’s transit services but are unable to access them because of filthy elevators soiled by human waste, non-working escalators, broken service gates, and other consistent failures in the system.

    Ensuring Equal Athletic Opportunities for Girls

    We secured a significant settlement in a Title IX class action brought on behalf of high school girls living in the rural and low-income community of Red Bluff, California. The case was brought to enforce federal law requiring equity for girls in the provision of athletic opportunities. This is one of several similar and successful actions, bringing awareness to parents, schools, coaches, girls, and the community about gender equity in sports programs run by public schools.

    Securing Justice for Victims of Human Trafficking

    With co-counsel, we settled a groundbreaking human trafficking lawsuit alleging horrific working conditions on commercial fishing boats that docked in San Francisco. This lawsuit was the first known action brought under the federal Trafficking Victim’s Protection Act in the U.S. Commercial fishing industry, and the settlement included the unprecedented adoption of a defendant’s “code of conduct” that included a requirement that seamen be told of their rights under United States law, setting the stage for industry-wide change.