Family Caregivers Gain Flexibility with San Francisco Ordinance – Webinar

Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center staff attorney Julia Parish and Richa Dhanju with the city’s Department on the Status of Women participated in a webinar explaining San Francisco’s rules allowing workers to request scheduling that accommodates their caregiving obligations. 

The city’s Family-Friendly Workplace Ordinance took effect in 2014. It applies to anyone employed for at least six months at any San Francisco workplace with 20 or more employees. Employers are permitted to deny a request if accommodating it would disrupt their operations, but they must explain the denial in writing within 21 days of the request. 

Employees may request predictable or flexible scheduling to help them meet their duties caring for a child or children under age 18 or a family member with a serious health condition or a parent age 65 or older. 

​The webinar, which can be downloaded for viewing any time, covers the following topics:

  • Details about the Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance
  • Who is subject to this ordinance
  • Benefits of a family friendly workplace
  • Examples of successful local family friendly businesses
  • Procedures for implementing the Family Friendly Workplace Ordinance 
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