Legal Aid at Work Celebrates Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act

To-Wen Tseng and Senior Staff Attorney Julia Parish celebrating PWFA and PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act at the White House
To-Wen Tseng and Senior Staff Attorney Julia Parish celebrating PWFA and PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act at the White House

By Iris Wagner, Law Clerk at Legal Aid at Work and rising 3L at UC Law San Francisco

Today, June 27, 2023, marks the implementation of the federal Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA), momentous legislation that requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant and postpartum workers. Legal Aid at Work (LAAW) Senior Staff Attorney Julia Parish joined other advocates at the White House today to celebrate the PWFA and the PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act, both signed by President Biden in December 2022. The White House Gender Policy Council hosted this event with agency leaders and advocates to celebrate the historic laws.

The PWFA allows pregnant employees to receive reasonable changes at work such as a stool or seat, help with heavy lifting, or additional breaks that enable them to continue working safely throughout their pregnancy.

The PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act expands to 9 million more workers previous federal protections requiring reasonable break time for nursing employees and a private space to pump at work that is not a bathroom. The Act expands these essential workplace rights to teachers, nurses, farmworkers, and more and makes it possible for an employee to file a lawsuit if their employer does not comply with the law.

In California, pregnant workers already benefit from workplace protections and accommodations. Now, pregnant and lactating people across the country, including federal workers, will have these vital rights that are critical for the health, wellbeing, and economic security of families.

At the event, former LAAW client, To-Wen Tseng, participated in a dynamic panel discussion with representatives from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Department of Labor, and another advocate and mom. To-Wen shared her story and her important insight with the audience, stating, “Educate yourself with what rights you have and do not be afraid to practice your rights.  You are doing this not for yourself, but for your babies, and the generation of mothers to come.”

LAAW supports pregnant, parenting, and caregiving workers by providing free legal advice on workplace rights through our Work and Family Helpline (800-880-8047). LAAW also represents workers whose rights are violated and advocates for stronger, more comprehensive laws. You can learn more about our work at or watch To-Wen’s testimony here.

LAAW extends a huge thank you to the workers, advocates, lawmakers, and the Biden-Harris Administration who made these laws a reality. We are thrilled to share in celebrating this historic day.

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