Ayuda con los reclamos salariales

Por favor comuníquese con nuestro Taller sobre reclamos salariales si los recursos de esta página no abordan sus necesidades. Ofrecemos servicios gratuitos (con o sin cita) los días viernes en Oakland y en San Francisco. Brindamos servicios en inglés, español, cantonés y mandarín y podemos brindar servicios en otros idiomas.
  • Información sobre citas, ubicaciones

Sample Letters and Forms

You can download these Word documents and use them to make formal requests of your employer

Do-It-Yourself Guides

You may be able to handle your case yourself. Here are guides to making a claim for wages you should have been paid but weren't, and to collecting the judgment after you win.

Highlights of Our Work

Here are some of our most recent achievements in cases related to wage theft.
  • Combate al robo del salario
    Combate al robo del salario
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  • Burma Superstar Kitchen Staff Sue Bay Area Chain Over Wage Violations


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  • Driver wins $480,000 for wages unpaid by tech entrepreneur

    A former personal driver and bodyguard who worked nearly around the clock for most of a year...

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Additional sources of information and help

  • California Labor Commissioner's Office (part of the Department of Industrial Relations)
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  • California Dept. of Industrial Relations regulations, known as Wage Orders
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  • Information that must be posted in California workplaces
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  • U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division
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