Minimum Wage Protections in California

What is the minimum wage?

Are all employees entitled to minimum wage?

Is minimum wage the same everywhere in California?

If I live in one city, and work in a different city, which minimum wage applies?

What if my job requires travel, and I perform work in more than one city?

What if I agreed to be paid less than minimum wage?

What if I agreed to be a volunteer?

Does it matter if I am paid by the day, the week, or the piece, instead of with an hourly rate?

If I’m receiving tips, can my employer pay me less than minimum wage?

What if my employer pays me in food or housing?

My employer never told me my hourly rate; how do I figure it out?

I was making minimum wage (or more than minimum wage), and then my employer stopped paying me for work I already performed. Does that mean my employer violated minimum wage law?

What do I do if my employer isn’t paying me minimum wage?

Will my employer be penalized for not paying me minimum wage?

How long do I have to file a wage claim?