Benefit Overpayment Collection Notice

If You Have Received a “Benefit Overpayment Collection Notice” or “Final Collection Notice”:

Sometimes, even years after the fact, the EDD will decide that, even though a person already received unemployment insurance benefits, they actually were not eligible for those benefits. 

This begins a process where the EDD will try to make a claimant repay the benefits that EDD thinks they were “overpaid”. One of the documents that people receive when this process has started is a “Benefit Overpayment Collection Notice” or a “Final Collection Notice,” with a message that the person owes the EDD a certain amount of money.  

If you have received one of these documents, it is important for you to respond and begin a plan of action as soon as possible. Even if you plan on repaying the money back to the EDD, a long delay in responding can cause interest to add up onto the overpayment. If you don’t understand why EDD is saying you owe them money, or you don’t think you should have to pay this money back, there are ways you can fight this decision, which are covered below.

Have you received a Notice of Overpayment?

Have you appealed the decision the EDD made?

What happens now?